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Types of Bras:

There are dozens of types of bras to fit your taste, need, style, size and particular occasion. Finding a bra that suits you should not be a problem. Once you have figured out your bra size and fitting requirements, you will want to decide what your day and evening needs are.

Below is a basic list of bra designs for you to consider:

Average Figure Bra: Just what it sounds like. The average firgure bra is generally worn by women with average figures, the B and C cup sizes.

Full Figure Bra: If you are a large breasted woman, you will want a full figured bra. Full figure bras offer proper fit and comfort for larger sizes.

Underwire Bra: Underwire bras or wire bras give you a "lift'.

Strapless Bras: Primarily designed for evening wear, strapless evening gowns and tops.

Convertible Bra: This bra is designed with fashion versatility in mind. It can convert from a conventional bra to a strapless, halter, backless, and sometimes even a t-back bra to meet your fashion needs.

Sports Bra: You shouldn't even consider doing sports of any kind without one. A sports bra is designed to provide the maximum support during any physical activity.

T-Shirt Bra. The t-shirt bra is all about comfort. It is soft and smooth and looks great uner causal attire.

Nursing Bra: Perfect for any breastfeeding mom.

Vintage Bra: You might be seeking the cone shaped, pointy bras from the 40's, or maybe a corset or bustier is more your style. Vintage bras have become popular in modern times.

Teen Bra: The right bra for beginners and their changing bodies. These are generally the AA and A cup sizes.

Sexy Bra: There's nothing like putting on a lacy, sexy bra to make you feel sexy and desireable.

Name Brand Bra: Some people only want brand names and you know who you are. Brand loyalty is an important aspect of the bra industry. Once you find a great fitting bra, you will want to be able to get more from the same manufacturer.

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