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Bra Basics for Parents:

Welcome to "My First Bra"

For a young girl, a bra is more than an article of clothing, more than a necessity; her bra is her symbol of maturity and growth, an item of fantasy.

As a parent it's important to know how your daughter feels about herself, and to help guide her through these often-difficult times. Learning all that you can, will help you understand your girl, and her ever changing body.

     If your daughter has never wore a bra; talk with her, and find out if it is the Perfect Time for her first bra. Help her find her Correct Size, and Style.

Tips for Parents;

Find out what she likes, and surprise her with matching sets of bras and panties. Don't bother with the plain white, but get something special that she will remember for the rest of her life (I'm not talking about lingerie, but just something nice). As you do this, remember that she is still a young girl, and may need your guidance and understanding.

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