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When Do I need Bra?

Breasts can start growing as early as age 8 and don't stop until your early 20's. Regardless of your age or stage of development, your choice to wear a bra is a personal decision. If you have started developing breasts, you may want to wear a bra. Be sure to seek help from your mother or female relative about your decision.

 A training bra may be a good idea when you first start developing breasts, it may also help you get used to wearing a bra. As your breasts develop, your nipples may become more noticeable, a training bra can provide the extra coverage you need.

A sports bra may be a good idea if you are active in sports, or uncomfortable wearing a training bra. Like breasts, bras come in all different shapes and sizes; use our "Buying Guide" to help find the bra that is perfect for you.

Click here to link to our measuring guide and find out what size bra is right for you.

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